The Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a science-based plan to restore Lake Tahoe's famous clarity. One of the most robust efforts of its kind, the Lake Tahoe TMDL was initiated to better understand the causes of clarity loss, determine how much pollution needs to be reduced and develop a sensible implementation approach to restore historic clarity. The Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools are used to track Lake Tahoe TMDL implementation progress in urbanized portions of the watershed. Current TMDL implementation achievements are provided in the chart; further context about the tools is provided below.

Progress Towards Water Year 2023 Program Targets

Current Achievement Status

The Lake Tahoe Stormwater Tools serve as the comprehensive pollutant load reduction accounting system of the Lake Clarity Crediting Program for urban stormwater. The Tools include:

  • A road inspection and assessment method and associated tracking system
  • A stormwater treatment BMP inspection and assessment method  and associated tracking system
  • The Lake Clarity Crediting Program credit registration, award, and declaration system

These tools are currently available to users with an account and appropriate system permissions. If you represent an urban jurisdiction or other agency in the Lake Tahoe Basin and need access to the Stormwater Tools please request an account.

The Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools are sponsored by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Nevada Department of Environmental Protection

Visit the Lake Clarity Tracker to learn more about the Lake Tahoe TMDL and see additional program results.