This page shows a list of all Credit Distributions. The Lake Clarity Crediting Program encourages cooperation by enabling credit distribution or trade between jurisdictions. This flexibility facilitates sharing of equipment and expertise to more efficiently reach the common goal of improving lake clarity. The intention of allowing credits to be distributed is to incentivize jurisdictions to combine capital, maintenance personnel and equipment resources to prioritize and implement the most practical and effective pollutant controls. The following approach is recommended to inform the distribution of credit between jurisdictions cooperating to implement pollutant controls or otherwise sharing credit:

  1. Communicate early and thoroughly when delineating an urban catchment from which credits may be distributed. Estimate load reductions to ensure that the number of credits at stake is worth the effort to distribute credit.
  2. Develop a written agreement to clarify responsibilities for planning, design, administration and ongoing maintenance. Agreements should consider how credits are distributed in the event that less than full credit is awarded in a year due to actual conditions underperforming expected conditions.
  3. Consider the potential for future changes in the urban catchment, such as land ownership land or water quality project implementation. Define what potential changes should result in redefining the catchment and document these considerations to inform the appropriate TMDL Program Manager of the possible future changes.
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