Washoe County Road Registration- Water Year 2016
Road Registration

10/01/2015 to 09/30/2016 (1 years)
20 credits
20 credits (100%)

Road Registration Area
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Credit Schedule
1 year
Although five years is the maximum and preferred Credit Schedule Duration for Road Operations, this registration needed to be expanded after the first year of registration to include areas with BMPs scheduled to be registered during the next five years. This registration was initially entered and approved in CAP and has been reentered in LT Info Stormwater Tools to maintain all data in one location.

PLRM Models and Load Reduction
FF3_UDC (Project1)
BL (Scenario1) Baseline Scenario 100%
RdOps36 (Scenario2) Road Operations Scenario 100%

42,124 166 635 N/A
38,082 156 615 N/A
Load Reduction 4,042 10 20 20
Road Classes
Priority 1 WY16 3.6 8.87 8
FF3_UDC (Project1) 8.87
Total: 8