Dry Basin (using CHP)
A flow through basin with discrete inlets and outlets designed to detain stormwater runoff for some minimum time to reduce peak flows. Design treatment capacity and draw down time will vary across specific BMPs. One or more outflow offices may exist but there is at least one at base of basin to allow complete draining between storms. Increased draw down times can increase particle capture via settling within the basin. Footprint is pervious and infiltration capacity of base maintained to consistently infiltrate some fraction of volumes detained to unsaturated zone. Wetland and riparian vegetation species distribution is minimal to absent. Moderate distribution of grass and/or tree species likely and acceptable. Moderate to large sized centralized BMPs that accept runoff from mixed land use drainage areas.
Applicable Observation Types
Material Accumulation Discrete Value Observation - - 35% -
Infiltration Rate - Constant Head Permeameter (CHP) Rate-based Observation - 20 % decline from benchmark 50% Infiltration Rate - Calculated Off-System
Wetland Vegetative Cover Percent-based Observation 0% 20% 15% -
Conveyance - Inlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Conveyance - Outlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Treatment BMPs
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