Bed Filter (using CHP)
A flow-through structure that uses granular media (e.g. sand or activated alumina) to actively filter stormwater to remove stormwater pollutants. Filtration is controlled by the flow rate through the media and discharge via an underdrain or outlet. Little to no volume loss occurs. May be confined space but not always. Pollutant load reductions achieved by reduced concentrations in effluent. No stormwater volume reduction occurs. Typically, moderate sized centralized BMPs but can be small decentralized BMPs treating small areas of imperviousness.
Applicable Observation Types
Infiltration Rate - Constant Head Permeameter (CHP) Rate-based Observation - 20 % decline from benchmark 100% Infiltration Rate - Calculated Off-System
Conveyance - Inlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Conveyance - Outlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Treatment BMPs
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