Oliver Park WQIP
BMP Registration

10/01/2015 to 09/30/2030 (15 years)
18 credits
18 credits (100%)


Registration Area & BMPs
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Credit Schedule
15 years
Per NDEP and Lahontan, this catchment BMP will be registered for a period of 15 years. The wet basin will be inspected annually in the summer and maintenance will be conducted when threshold levels are met. Wet basin was maintained in 2016.

PLRM Models and Load Reduction
OP01 (Project51)
Baseline (Scenario1) Baseline Scenario 80%
Exsiting (Scenario2) Expected Scenario 80%

4,146.4 17.6 70.4 N/A
523.2 4.8 28.8 N/A
Load Reduction 3,623.2 12.8 41.6 18
Treatment BMPs

Wet Basin DCWB0001 3,492.8 13.6 37.6 17 Essential No
Treatment Vault TreatmentVault1 226.4 0 7.2 1 Supporting No
Total 18

No distributed BMPs added to registration

The wet basin is the only BMP within this catchment that is in BMP RAM. The BMP RAM method, benchmark values, and threshold values have been determined and entered into the BMP RAM database. The benchmark and threshold values have been determined for the vegetation cover, material accumulation, and conveyances. Material accumulation will be measured by the using the existing inlet to the wet basin, and the depth to the bottom of the basin in front of the inlet. It is the responsibility of Douglas County to monitor and maintain all drainage improvements and treatment BMPs. Douglas County will initiate maintenance of treatment BMPs within the area on an as-needed basis. BMPs will be maintained by Douglas County by using a vactor truck, excavator, and/or hand crew or other method necessary to remove excess sediment and vegetation from the treatment vault and the wet basin.
The wet basin and treatment vault, along with the drop inlets in the roads within the catchment are inspected once a year in the summer, and after large storm events. The treatment vaults and drop inlets are considered supporting BMPs and are inspected annually and cleaned out using a vactor truck, with the material being disposed of outside of the Tahoe Basin. The treatment vault at the end of the wet basin, although it provides no load reduction, will be maintained at the same time as all other vaults are cleaned. The wet basin is the only essential BMP treatment in this catchment, therefore the vegetation cover, material accumulation and conveyances will be inspected annually in the summer. The basin should contain water most of the year and vegetation type should be riparian species. If the sediment is built up to 0.5 foot depth, it will be removed using a small bobcat tractor to bring the bottom back down to the original level.
The wet basin was last maintained in the summer of 2016, and invoices for the work completed are attached in the registration submittal.
Parcel BMPs
Single Family Residential
7% 0%
6.4 0.45 0 7.0% 0.0% 37.3
6.4 0.77 2.56 12.0% 40.0% 30.5
Multi-Family Residential
19% 0%
13 2.47 0 19.0% 0.0% 682.4
13 0 3.28 0.0% 25.2% 705.4
Commercial, Industrial, and Community Use
5% 0%
7.9 0.4 0 5.1% 0.0% 2112.1
7.9 0 0 0.0% 0.0% 2217.5
Douglas County will continue to coordinate with TRPA to update certificates and gain BMP compliance in this catchment.
Annually Douglas County will download and analyze BMP compliance within this catchment, and will continue to work with TRPA to increase compliance.
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Other Pollutant Control Strategies

No other pollutant control strategies implemented in this registration