EWCC Edgewood Creek Parcel BMPs
BMP Registration

10/01/2015 to 09/30/2020 (5 years)
4 credits
4 credits (100%)


Registration Area & BMPs
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Credit Schedule
5 years
The County will coordinate with TRPA to recertify parcels to ensure 100% expected and actual conditions.

PLRM Models and Load Reduction
EWCC (Project16)
Baseline (Scenario1) Baseline Scenario 70%
Expected (Scenario2) Expected Scenario 70%

6,324.5 25.2 86.1 N/A
5,557.3 22.4 73.5 N/A
Load Reduction 767.2 2.8 12.6 4
Treatment BMPs

Treatment Vault TreatmentVault1 0 0 1.4 0 Supporting Yes
Total 0

No distributed BMPs added to registration

All storm drains, drop inlets and vaults in this catchment are maintained by Kingsbury General Improvement District.
All storm drains, drop inlets and vaults in this catchment are inspected annually and after major storm events by Kingsbury General Improvement District.
Parcel BMPs
Single Family Residential
7% 0%
65.7 4.6 0 7.0% 0.0% n/a
65.7 21.81 13.21 33.2% 20.1% n/a
Multi-Family Residential
19% 0%
2.1 0.4 0 19.0% 0.0% n/a
2.1 0.13 0.18 6.2% 8.6% n/a
Commercial, Industrial, and Community Use
5% 0%
9.4 0.47 0 5.0% 0.0% n/a
9.4 4.5 0 47.9% 0.0% n/a
It is expected that this catchment will sustain actual and expected condition scores through 2021. Parcels in this catchment have been recognized by TRPA as high priority and therefore are preparing for a certification or updated certification date. Many of the certifications in this catchment are dated 2015; parcels with recent certification dates will be monitored for proof of inspections and maintenance performed submitted annually.
TRPA collects and maintains maintenance records. This catchment will be registered for 5 years, at which point it will be necessary for TRPA to reissue a certification date for the parcels to extend into the next term. Douglas County will follow up with TRPA on an annual basis to ensure parcels have submitted their annual inspection report and of any necessary maintenance.
This area has been specifically targeted for new and renewed BMP certificates as a high priority commercial development located near Lake Tahoe. TRPA will continue to try to implement new certifications in this catchment, as well as ensure maintenance of the existing certifications. As long as the inspections and maintenance records are submitted to TRPA, it will be easy to re-certify them after this 5-year period.
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Other Pollutant Control Strategies

No other pollutant control strategies implemented in this registration