This page displays the Lake Clarity Crediting Program achievements for a jurisdiction. Users with an LT Info account are able to see details of the jurisdiction's registrations and stormwater asset inventory.


The credit targets and progress for NDOT are shown below. Jurisdictions register and declare credits to meet the targeted number of credits and Lake Tahoe TMDL milestones. View all credit targets.

Water Year 2021
  • : 278
  • : 215
Water Year 2020
  • : 197
  • : 195
Water Year 2019
  • : 181
  • : 174
Water Year 2018
  • : 181
  • : 154
Water Year 2017
  • : 181
  • : 123
Water Year 2016
  • : 181
  • : 79

The following people are assigned to manage the Lake Clarity Crediting Program for NDOT.

Normal Users can create, edit, and assess BMPs, road classes and road segments, and register/declare credits for this jurisdiction. Admin Users can perform all the functions of Normal Users, plus review and accept Registrations and Declarations.

Normal Users

Admin Users

Water Year 2022 Achievements
Current Achievement Status
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Road Segments
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