Treatment Vault
A subsurface flow-through structure that physically separates sediment, trash, leaf litter, debris and other particulate pollutants from stormwater via various water separation or settling techniques. Pollutant load reductions are realized by concentration reductions. No volume reduction occurs due to impervious base. Many manufactured and proprietary models are available that employ various physical techniques to separate and capture debris and particulate. Accumulation of material at base of BMP can be observed and measured via manhole access. Moderate sized centralized structure accepting runoff from either a large single or mixed land use drainage area.
Applicable Observation Types
Vault Capacity Discrete Value Observation - 50 % decline from benchmark 100% -
Conveyance - Inlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Conveyance - Outlet Condition Pass/Fail Observation n/a n/a pass/fail -
Treatment BMPs
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