Lakeridge GID WQIP
BMP Registration

10/01/2015 to 09/30/2030 (15 years)
9 credits
9 credits (100%)


Registration Area & BMPs
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Credit Schedule
15 years
The Lakeridge GID Water Quality Improvement Project was completed in 2011. A 15 year registration duration is the maximum credit schedule duration allowable per the Crediting Program Handbook. Over this time, regular inspection and maintenance should ensure a full, long life-cycle. This will be evaluated at the end of the credit schedule prior to re-registration.

PLRM Models and Load Reduction
LR01 (Project19)
Baseline (Scenario1) Baseline Scenario 100%
Expected (Scenario2) Expected Scenario 100%

2,099 8 28 N/A
286 1 5 N/A
Load Reduction 1,813 7 23 9
Treatment BMPs

Dry Basin DCDB0005 965 4 11 5 Key No
Dry Basin DCDB0006 21 0 1 0 Supporting No
Treatment Vault LR01 Treatment Vault 86 1 7 0 Supporting No
Total 5

No distributed BMPs added to registration

Lakeridge General Improvement District (LGID) will maintain all treatment BMPs on an as-needed basis. The upper dry basin (key) will be maintained when BMP RAM score falls below 3. The lower dry basin (supporting) will be subject to maintenance based on the results of visual inspections. The basins should rarely contain water for more than a few days and vegetation type should be predominantly upland species. If riparian species are noted in the top larger basin, a soil analysis will be conducted and revegetation will occur as necessary. Generally, dry basins will be maintained by backhoe, bobcat tractor, and/or hand crew to remove excess sediment to the original surface level and restore infiltration. Treatment vaults (supporting) will be cleaned out using a vactor truck. Spoiled materials will be disposed outside of the Tahoe Basin.
All treatment BMPs will be visually inspected once a year in the spring, and after large storm events to ensure stormwater runoff is being conveyed to and from the inlet and outlet as intended. Because the top larger dry basin (DCDB0005) is a key treatment BMP, the BMP RAM protocol for dry basins will be used and results reported.
Parcel BMPs
Single Family Residential
7% 0%
21.9 1.53 0 7.0% 0.0% n/a
21.9 6.88 1.51 31.4% 6.9% n/a
Multi-Family Residential
19% 0%
0 0 0 0.0% 0.0% n/a
0 0 0 0.0% 0.0% n/a
Commercial, Industrial, and Community Use
5% 0%
0.3 0.01 0 3.3% 0.0% n/a
0.3 0.15 0 50.0% 0.0% n/a
Douglas County will continue to coordinate with TRPA to update certificates and gain BMP compliance in this catchment.
Annually Douglas County will download and analyze BMP compliance within this catchment, and will continue to work with TRPA to increase compliance.
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Other Pollutant Control Strategies

No other pollutant control strategies implemented in this registration